My background was in Strategy Consulting and Private Equity before entering the Rabbinate. Despite having attended numerous conferences in the past, I have never had such a uniformly exceptional group of speakers and such a dynamic crowd of attendees.
- Leo Dee, Associate Rabbi Hendon Synagogue, London, UK (“Centrist” orthodox synagogue)

Jewish Leaders is all about harnessing our spiritual ambitions to powerful management engines. I feel that I now have many new and more sophisticated tools in my chest, and I am deeply grateful for it.
- Yaakov Kermaier, Rabbi Fifth Avenue Synagogue, New York, NY (Modern orthodox synagogue)

Think back to your childhood experience of Hanukkah – the excitement around opening a different present each night. Jewish Leaders was a 5 day encounter with gift after gift, session after session that rekindled that sense of deep excitement and appreciation. Every Rabbi should experience the magic of this program.
- Ronne Friedman, Senior Rabbi Temple Israel, Boston, MA (Reform synagogue)

The program was by far the best professional education I have participated in during my ten years in the rabbinate. It was an incredible opportunity to learn with the world’s best thinkers and to get outside the box on some new and innovative ways to renew our sacred work. I was surrounded by the best and brightest rabbis and I learned much from their collective experiences and counsel.
- David-Seth Kirshner, Rabbi, Temple Emanu-El, Closter, New Jersey (Conservative synagogue)

A very valuable experience to imagine our work in new ways and to apply secular skills to sacred work. It was a real thrill to be a student learning from a top notch faculty and with a very impressive group of colleagues and partners.
- Steve Wernick, Rabbi, Chief Executive Officer of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism New York, NY (Organization for most conservative synagogues)

Jewish Leaders has been the most effective learning experience I have had as a rabbi in terms of the day-to-day applicability of what was taught. The program was top notch, with intensely knowledgeable professors who worked hard to find relevance of their message to our synagogue setting. The environment was warm and inviting and enabled sharing among colleagues that does not always happen at conferences. Amazing program!
- Jessica Brockman, Rabbi Temple Beth El, Boca Raton, FL (Reform synagogue)

I use what I learned at Jewish Leaders every single day. It has made a huge difference in my approach and work.
- Denise Eger, President Elect, CCAR (1800 No. American Reform Rabbis); former President of the Board of Rabbis So. CA; Rabbi of Congregation Kol Ami, West Hollywood, CA (Reform Synagogue)

The question did arise whether the curriculum was appropriate for smaller synagogues like mine. Now that I’ve been through the program, I’m pleased to say just how beneficial this learning experience has proven for me and how appropriate the material is for our congregation. Those occasional teaching moments that were specifically directed to larger congregations proved no less important than those more on target for my own smaller synagogue since they helped me better understand how other congregations operate, what we can learn from them, and what advantages we have from doing things differently.
- Michael Zimmerman, Rabbi Congregation Kehillat Israel, Lansing MI (Reconstructionist and Conservative synagogue)

Unlike any other experience presently available to rabbis and executive directors, Jewish Leaders provides excellent opportunities to examine and learn about the fullness of congregational life, in some sense, apart from Jewish tradition. I have greatly benefited from the experience.
- Neil Sandler, Senior Rabbi Ahavath Achim Synagogue, Atlanta GA (Conservative synagogue)

Many programs have been helpful to me as a rabbi, but Jewish Leaders uniquely enables rabbis to better understand their modern roles as leaders of 21st century religious institutions by benefiting from all the current corporate wisdom and best practices.
- Jonathan Berkun, Rabbi Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, Aventura, FL (Conservative synagogue)

The time I spent at Jewish Leaders will help me to shape and define the way I look at leadership, marketing, and other related areas. It was enriching to share insights with other rabbis from other denominations.
- Shai Finkelstein, Senior Rabbi Baron Hirsch Congregation, Memphis, TN (ordained by Rabbi Lau in Israel) (self described as “modern orthodox Zionist congregation)

It was enriching to share insights in a trans-denominational fashion, further illuminated by the presence of Americans, Canadians and British delegates, and by religious movement national and institutional personnel as well. This unique blend created a wonderful cross-fertilization of ideas, insights and concerns.
- Alan Silverstein, Rabbi Congregation Agudath Israel, Caldwell NJ (Conservative synagogue)

The program has really sharpened my understanding of tasks that I am involved with. Fundraising is integral to the rabbinate and so the techniques that have been taught here are immediately applicable to my position.
- Michael S. Siegel, Senior Rabbi Anshe Emet Synaoguge, Chicago IL (Conservative synagogue)

I think I gained much more than I expected. I’ve really begun to reflect about our organization as a whole; about my own style as a leader, my goals and values, and about how we work together as a team. I have a much broader perspective than I did before.
- Janet Marder, Senior Rabbi Congregation Beth Am, Los Altos Hills CA (Reform synagogue)

In my mind it is one of the premier programs in the country.
- Ed Alpert, Executive Director, Am Shalom, Glencoe IL and past President National Association of Temple Administrators (Reform synagogue and organization)

Jewish Leaders is an outstanding program, well-balanced, with first class teachers and in the community of colleagues who bring a wide range of experiences to the class. Personally, Jewish Leaders provided me with tools and opportunities to rethink my rabbinic responsibilities, as well as with an opportunity to talk about these practices with my executive director, who also participated, in real time. I look forward to taking what I learned with me to my congregation.
- Manes Kogan, Rabbi Hillcrest Jewish Center, Flushing NY (Conservative synagogue)

I highly recommend Jewish Leaders as a deep and powerful tool in my rabbinic life. It gave our team of rabbis and executive director (3 people from my synagogue participated) new direction, greater focus and a renewed commitment to visioning together. The scholarship is excellent, relevant and compelling.
- Sydney Mintz, Rabbi Congregation Emanu-El, San Francisco CA (Reform synagogue)

I have to ‘digest’ the material. I’m a 38 year pulpit rabbi (I’m 64 years old) and it makes me feel like having had a Coke when you are thirsty. Thank you team, thank you friends.
- Marcelo Ritner, Rabbi Comunidad Bet El de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico (Masorti, which is Conservative)