Here are six of the premiere faculty for the Classic RJL Program:

Jeanne Brett Profile Image

Jeanne Brett

Jeanne Brett is the DeWitt W. Buchanan, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Dispute Resolution and Organizations and is the Director of the Kellogg School's Dispute Resolution Research Center. Professor Brett’s research is in the areas of cross cultural negotiations, and technological solutions to negotiating teams’ myriad logistical problems. She has received numerous career awards including the International Association for Conflict Management Lifetime Achievement Award. Professor Brett will be teaching Negotiations at the ReNEWed Jewish Leaders Program, with RJL participants, coached by Professor Brett, practicing their own negotiating skills. A lively, much enjoyed session!
Robert Duncan Profile Image

Robert Duncan

Robert (Bob) B. Duncan is an expert in Organizational Behavior. He was a chaired professor at Kellogg, prior to becoming Associate Dean, and then Provost at Northwestern University, the chief academic officer. Professor Duncan subsequently was Dean of the School of Business at Michigan State University. Currently he is Professor Emeritus of Management & Organizations at Kellogg. He is a frequent consultant to senior management and chief executive officers on strategy formulation, leading corporate culture change, organizational design, implementing strategic change, developing corporate strategic vision, and building top management teams. Professor Duncan will teach Managing Change at the ReNEWed Jewish Leaders Program, a key topic in today’s challenging environment.
Dipak C. Jain Profile Image

Dipak C. Jain

Dipak C. Jain is a Chaired Professor of Marketing at INSEAD, a renowned global management school, after having been Dean there. He previously served as Dean of Kellogg from 2001 – 2009, and had been a member of that faculty since 1986, serving as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs from 1996-2001 and the Sandy and Morton Goldman Professor in Entrepreneurial Studies, and as a professor of marketing. A marketing expert trained in mathematics, his areas of research include the marketing of high-tech products; market segmentation and competitive market structure analysis; cross-cultural issues and global product diffusion. He has served as foreign affairs advisor to the Prime Minister of Thailand, and a consultant to numerous companies. Professor Jain will teach marketing at the ReNEWed Jewish Leaders program, also bringing his leadership and marketing skills of the Jain religion into his teachings since prior attendees found it helpful as well as fascinating.
Harry M. Jansen Kraemer, Jr. Profile Image

Harry M. Jansen Kraemer, Jr.

Harry M. Jansen Kraemer, Jr. is a clinical professor of management and strategy at Kellogg and an executive partner with Madison Dearborn, a private equity firm in Chicago, IL. He is the former chairman and chief executive officer of Baxter International Inc., a $9 billion global healthcare company.He was selected as Best Teacher of the year at Kellogg, a coveted honor. Professor Kraemer will be teaching a unique brand of Leadership at the ReNEWed Jewish Leaders program.
Marian Powers Profile Image

Marian Powers

Marian Powers has been an adjunct Professor of Accounting in Kellogg’s Executive Education Program since 1987. She specializes in teaching financial reporting and analysis to executives. Professor Powers has co-authored three accounting and finance interactive multimedia software products, as well as many publications. Professor Powers will be teaching Financial Management at the ReNEWed Jewish Leaders Program, using real synagogue financial statements, disguised for confidentiality.
Brian Uzzi Profile Image

Brian Uzzi

Brian Uzzi is a globally recognized scientist, teacher, consultant and speaker on leadership, social networks, and new media. He is the Richard L. Thomas Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at Kellogg. He also co-directs NICO, the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems, is the faculty director of the Kellogg Architectures of Collaboration Initiative (KACI), and holds professorships in Sociology at the Weinberg College of Arts of Sciences and in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences at the McCormick School of Engineering. His award winning and highly cited research uses social network analysis and complexity theory to understand outstanding human achievement in business, science, and the arts. Professor Uzzi will be teaching Managing People and Teams at the ReNEWed Jewish Leaders Program. As alumni will attest, fasten your seatbelt!